A Day In The Life When I’m Not Traveling…


Wake Up

Walk The Wieners

Hustle… but with Aloha of course

Happy Hour.


Even though I used to be day planner obsessed and a productivity expert, I’ve changed my way of working to just four core daily practices instead of endless to-do lists.

No, the core practices are not listed above.  Ha Ha! 😁

That was just to get your attention. 😉

I share my new core practices in my new Evolve FREE Video Training.

I don’t need a complex task management system or even a to-do list anymore.

I  creatively on the projects and tasks what I want to work on and not what I think I “should” put out because I’m guessing it “will make money”.

I think one of the best things is that I know when I’m done for the day and nothing that is unfinished laps over to the next day.

How would you feel if you knew that each day was fun, full, yet complete?

How would it feel if money was still coming in whether you were hustling and putting out free content you were excited about or not?

How would it feel to stop second-guessing yourself and always asking, “I’m I doing this online business thing right?”

There is strategy.

There is automation.

But there is no exact “right way” to do any of this.

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