Since there have been so many new subscribers and followers lately, I thought I’d reintroduce myself…

🌺Aloha! I’m Erica Duran – Digital Nomad and Minimalist For Over 15 Years!

As a Digital Nomad for many years, I’ve been able to run my business from anywhere.

My belongings consist of a laptop, a smartphone, 2 dogs 🐶🐶, a small blender, and one suitcase of clothes and miscellaneous items – everything I want or need fits into my brand new Jeep.  🚙

Having very few things to clean and maintain has allowed me to greatly reduce stress and focus on my business, writing, creative projects, and exploring.

Now, I help guide and support other people in becoming digital nomads and downsizing their lives so they can reduce their stress and focus on what really matters and claim the lifestyle they’ve always wanted.

Typically my clients earn $5K to $20K+ per month doing work they love from anywhere… even if “anywhere” is their own home.

I also help my digital nomad clients set up the systems, structures, and automation they need so that they can work as little or as much as they want and freeing up loads of free time to explore and enjoy.

Through the years I’ve found that almost any business can be “digitized” so you can become a digital nomad. Your business operations, marketing, and sales can be built online and you can receive ideal clients and customers from around the world.

You will no longer be restricted to only work and sell to people in your local area.

Would you like to reduce your stress, quit your job, stop commuting in traffic, reduce the clutter in your life, and start earning what you deserve online as a digital nomad?

I’d love to personally support you in this journey!

Never Settle!


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