I’ve seriously tried every social media and project management tool out there over the past seven years or so.

I’ve never seen one that fit exactly what I needed until I was reintroduced to CoSchedule last month.

I tested CoSchedule last year and did end up going with it.

Last year I didn’t like their pricing structure because the features I desired, like ReQueue were considered extra add-ons.

But just last month I saw all the massive upgrades CoSchedule made and the fact that they changed their membership options and pricing to include more and have less a la carte options – now everything you would want is included in one low monthly price.

I will always opt for investing in automation and tools rather than hiring or outsourcing to humans!

Hiring a team and outsourcing to freelancers is not just an ongoing expensive option, but you also have the headaches of managing them.

I created a freedom based business so I could stop having to manage team drama.

Plus, CoSchedule never calls in sick.  🙂

CoSchedule has taken all the tools I needed and put them into one seamless program.

Here is what I was looking for in one seamless tool…

  1.  I needed a project/team/content/task management system that was accessible from anywhere in the world.
  2. I needed to post from all of my seven websites to all of my eight social media accounts.
  3. I needed a way to store and repurposes old posts to fill in the gaps of my social media schedule.
  4. I needed to organize my content, email marketing, and social media posts in one place.
  5. It would be nice if the tool could live inside my WordPress Sites so there was one less thing I would need to log into on a daily basis.
  6. It would be nice to streamline into one task and project management tool and stop logging into Trello and Asana each day.

I found all of this and more with CoSchedule.

At the beginning of 2018, I made a big commitment to share my message and sell DAILY no matter what!

CoSchedule has taken a lot of the pressure off of such a big content commitment because I know it has my back if I miss a day with their ReQueue feature.

But the BIGGEST benefit I have found by using CoSchedule over the past month is the streamlining and mindset shift that happened.

Although I am a productivity and time management expert and Certified Professional Organizer turned High-Level Business Coach, my content, social media, and marketing had been so scattered and fragmented over the past two years.

Somewhere along the line about two years ago I stopped having all the content originate on my website and sharing to social media from there and I started creating random posts for Facebook, Instagram, etc.

I guess my thought process was, “Everyone is already on social media and they are not wanting to leave to go to my blog, so I will just post to social media directly and cut out some of the extra work blogging takes.”

But I knew better.

I knew that content should originate from my website/blog to create valuable SEO links and to lead people back to my blog where they could go down the virtual “rabbit hole” and be introduced to my other content, sign up for my email list, sign up for my free Aloha Strategy Session, and maybe even buy my digital products.

Why did I make this change in strategy to post to social media directly with very few links?

I can’t remember why I made this change.

It was probably the advice of a random coach or “expert” that I took blindly and didn’t trust myself and what I knew to be true. 🙁

When I started using CoSchedule last month to make my website and blog the “mothership” to where ALL content comes from it completely shifted my business!

I am getting massive amounts of traffic to my website and loads of sign-ups to my email list.

The best thing though is the simplicity and streamlining that CoSchedule. has made in my business.

I feel in control and not fragmented in my content creation.

I can think more clearly.

I can create more content with ease – it just flows out.

I know exactly my costs each month for with CoSchedule. I don’t need to hire freelancers or grow my team.

I feel like I have loads of time back into my day through CoSchedule. automation and streamlining of my business.

The mental clarity is priceless.

The visual aspect of having all my marketing in one place is priceless.

So I invite you to give CoSchedule a try today.

You can click here to receive a FREE 30-day trial for CoSchedule.

Then, after the 30-day trial email me at aloha@ericaduran.co and let me know how much CoSchedule has changed your business and life.


By the way – here is a short introduction video about CoSchedule so you can get a visual on what I’m raving about. 🙂