Someone replied to me on my autoresponder email series today.

I LOVE when humans respond to my automated emails and I can connect with them and write back.

I could tell this person spent A LOT of time studying internet marketing.

✨They knew all the lingo.
🎤They knew all the tools.
☕️They quasi-quoted other entrepreneurs.
🦆They mentioned all the things they were MEANING to start “one day” when they had their “ducks in a row”. 🦆🦆🦆

I could tell they have spent hours – even YEARS studying all this stuff.

But they also admitted they NEVER made any money for all these efforts – not ONE dime.

You know this isn’t happening because internet marketing is dead, right?

It is because they spent all their time stalking other entrepreneurs, listening to podcasts, and getting just the right shade of blue on their website.

I can spot them a mile away because years ago I was just like them.

❓Want to know a secret?

Simply doing THE activities that authentically share your message and then asking people to take an action/purchase your offer or opt-in to your list is so much EASIER than stalking, studying internet marketing hard, or getting an award for how many times you can second-guess what you said on social media.

Never Settle!
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