In this episode, I’m sharing a ton of company updates –

1. The official launch of and all the apps and services available there.

2. The all-new Platinum Mentorship which included UNLIMITED support for 6 months + 10 LeadBait Perfect SEO Pages so that you have a steady flow of leads and income. HURRY Platinum is 50% off until midnight on Halloween (Pacific time). We’ve also just added a very expansive payment plan option!

Then, I share a big “a-ha” that has been coming up for me lately. Hint: it involved fear and freedom.

Later in the episode, I share what you can say instead of “I can’t afford it”.

Saying “I can’t afford it” keeps you stuck and stomps on your creativity. Switch up your languaging around this and opportunities and money will flow to you.

This episode is packed!


Never Settle!
Erica Duran



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