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Business Coach and Digital Marketing Expert Erica Duran shares how you can run a multiple 6-figure online business on less than $150 per month. Erica shares her favorite online tools and why you should stay away from overpriced unnecessary tools like LeadPages, Infusionsoft, and Click Funnels.

At first, you might not want a monthly bill from these online resources and tools, but think about it… these replace having to outsource to people a lot of times.

Having a big team would cost a lot more and you have to manage them.

I always try to automate before I outsource to humans.

The biggest expense in my business right now is merchant fees and my small team.

For a list of all the online tools and resources mentioned in this episode visit

There you will also find some valuable free trials for Erica’s favorite online tools and resources.

For even more resources join Club Ali’i https://clubalii.ericaduran.coClub Ali'i Multiple 6-Figure Online Tool and Resource Guide | Erica Duran








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