This is the FIRST holiday season EVER that I’m not feeling some kind of overwhelm, stress, or rush.

It didn’t matter how much money or how little money I was making at the time.

What mattered was my poor mindset/being out alignment, how I perceived my reality, and the DAILY non-actions.

The holidays can be a stressful time for entrepreneurs.

It is a different kind of stress from the typical buying gifts, decorating, and entertaining your in-laws.

Entrepreneurs want to launch your new ideas and sell a ton so that you can have an awesome holiday.

You might find your family distracting you from getting your ideas out into the world – they just don’t understand how much you have to work to keep up the hustle.

Or worse, they say things that trigger you at family gatherings like, “So are you still doing that business thing?”

Or, you find all of your “hot” leads saying things like, “Let’s continue this conversation after the holidays.”

I seriously owe this new calmness of this holiday season to the alignment practices that I share in the Alignment With Aloha program.

I didn’t invent these practices but I organized them to support entrepreneurs who find themselves in the “I want to have everything perfect before I launch/sell/take on clients/invest in support mode” or those who find themselves constantly in the “feast or famine” money cycle.

These practices also keep you out of the feast or famine cycle because there are DAILY revenue-generating activities included, but they only take MINUTES per day to complete and they are fun if you are being authentic with your messaging… and you want that, right?

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You can be enjoying this holiday season and getting set up with these important practices for the new year so you’ll never feel that rush, second-guessing, or overwhelm not just during the holidays but all year round.

These practices don’t take long to understand or implement but they can change your life starting NOW!

You’ve got to do life and work differently to get different results.

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