Have You Ever Heard Anyone Say “Let’s Go Shopping On Facebook!” or “Facebook Will Solve My Problem!”?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard that phrase myself.

I’ve been on Facebook since it started and here is what I see people log in for mainly the following 3 reasons…

  1.  To connect with friends, family, co-workers, classmates, etc.
  2.  To be entertained.
  3.  To avoid whatever they are really supposed to be doing at that moment. 😉

Have you ever gone to the Facebook search bar at the top of the site and asked a question like you would Google?

From my experience, people STUMBLE upon you on social media.

From there you can warm up the relationship and maybe they will buy someday.

This leads me to believe why Facebook ads can be a big waste of money in a lot of cases.

A lot of Facebook ads are interruption marketing.

People are enjoying their carefully curated Facebook feed and then an ad scrolling by sticks out like a sore thumb.

They block out the ad and treat it like “wallpaper”.

But when people are ready to SOLVE their question or problem and ready to buy they seem to go to Google first.

People search sites like YouTube, and maybe even Facebook, when they are still trying to piece everything together on their own and DIY their way through the problem.

These people are hoping that the free content would solve everything.

(Psst… these are also the people that will ask for ridiculous discounts and payment plans.)

I’ve noticed a BIG difference in my new clients that come from my Googlebait LeadBait Perfect SEO Pages.

They were ACTIVELY SEARCHING for support with a topic that I am an expert in.

They already had it their mind that to solve their problem they were willing to invest.

They might even be exhausted from trying to piece everything together with free content they find online.

They found the answer to the question they searched Google for and my page popped up like an oasis in the internet noise.

They took action because they were already seeking support and ready to purchase.

There is no haggling on price and these clients get even better results because they’ve tried to do it themselves ad nauseam.

When people are serious about making a change, purchasing, or seeking out support – they turn to Google. Period.

Not social media.

So why do you see me on social media still if Google is so important?

  1.  It is fun to connect with people all over the world 🌎
  2.  The linkbacks help your ranking on Google. 🖥
  3.  People still stumble upon me on social media to “find” me, but what I’ve noticed is that they stumble on social media and then Google my name to see everything else and take action. 🌺

But here is the BIG thing…

I don’t have to be on social media anymore.

I used to have to be on social media all day to hustle and “make sales happen”.

Now, ideal clients find me when they are serious about solving their problems through my LeadBait pages.

You might be wondering what types of businesses LeadBait works for.

The answer is “anyone who wants to be found on Google”.

But that is a little too generic, right?

The better question is “Who do we like to work with at LeadBait to get the best results?”

Here is our list thus far…

Coaches, Experts, Speakers, Authors

Wedding & Event Planners, Professional Organizers, Interior Designers

Multi-Level, Network Marketing Representatives, MLM

Affiliate Marketers

Online Course/Program/Passive Income Creators

Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, Chiropractors, Orthodontists

Real Estate Agents

Tradesmen – Plumbers, Contractors, Masonry, Landscaping, Architects, Electricians, Etc.

Local Businesses – Restaurants and Retail Shops


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Don’t hesitate to email the concierge team if you have any questions whatsoever.

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The more questions you ask the better our FAQ page gets. 😁

I look forward to working with you!



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