Hiding is not a contribution.

I know it can be very frightening to…

Share your real authentic message (you know… what you REALLY think and want to say, not what you think you should say)

Have a sales conversation with an ideal client… (and just as difficult to host one for a client that isn’t so ideal) 🙂

Create premium packages that are unique to you and offer them

Step out with your branding that doesn’t look like anyone else’s and put your real personality into it 

Charge appropriately

Figure out your webinar software and pushing the “go live” button

Share pieces of your real life online 

Send out thousands of pitch letters and hearing nothing back

Be the go-to person in a Facebook Group

Be a guest on a podcast or video summit 


But hiding is not a contribution.

Stop being the best-kept secret on the internet and boldly get out there.

There are people frustrated right now about something that comes easily to you.


If you need some support with this don’t hesitate to book your FREE “Aloha” Strategy Session with Erica Duran, Business Coach and Mentor.

There is no pressure whatsoever after all “Aloha” means “hello” and “goodbye” :).

I promise you’ll learn more on this call than watching another episode on Netflix. 🙂