Here is a calculation you can do to make sure you are booking enough sales conversations, in order to hit your goals each month.

Download your own Freedom Budget here.

Or perhaps you’ve been creating one each month as I usually suggest – so in that case, grab your current one.

You must be completely clear on how much money you desire to make and for what specific purpose.

Now, decide which one of your offerings you will focus on selling this month.

Notice I said focus?

Pick ONE offering to focus your marketing, planning, and content around.

This DOES NOT mean that you won’t sell your other offerings this month.

This DOES NOT mean that you pull all other on-going marketing strategies, ads, sales funnels, or posts, for your other programs.

This is simply a way for you to focus and not get overwhelmed into non-action in your business.

It helps to choose just one program/product per month to focus on.

I see many clients get confused at this point so I’ll say it a different way.

Don’t mix up your goal for your marketing plan, with your expert opinion for what is the right program/product for the prospect.

For example, let’s say my marketing is focused on selling mini-intensives this month, BUT when I am on a sales conversation with a client I listen to what they need support with and recommend the right package for them.

It doesn’t matter that I am marketing mini-intensives this month at the point of the sales conversation – what matters then is what is right for the client.

Focusing my marketing on mini-intensives is for my sake – to keep my marketing and content simple.

It has nothing to do with what is actually sold.

Do not mistake your marketing plan for what should be recommended and sold to the client.

This keeps you in integrity and you’ll hit your goals in the short and long term.

Now back to the calculation…

Take the total dollar amount from this months Freedom Budget that you need to earn.

Decide on which ONE offering you are going to focus on this month.

How many do you need to sell to hit your goal this month?

Figure out that dollar amount.

I usually figure a 50% conversion rate on sales conversations to be conservative.

As you get better at marketing and sales this number might go up, but 50% is a good rule of thumb even when you are a pro.

Some will close right away, some will say, “No,” some will close next month because the timing is off, etc.

Let’s just use 50%.

Now, how many sales conversations do you have to book in order to hit your goals if you close 50% of the time.

Here is the calculation in a real-life example… My January Freedom Budget total is $40K.

I’ve decided to focus on Platinum Packages in my marketing and content for the month.

I need to sell 4 Platinum Packages at $10,000. If I need to sell 4 Platinum Packages, I need to book 8 Aloha Strategy Sessions in January.

When you create this type of focus in your marketing you take out a lot of second-guessing and overwhelm.

It takes everything you could get distracted on in your business and distills it down you what revenue-generating activities you need to do to reach your income goal.

Plus, you don’t confuse your audience by changing your offer too frequently.

Now, how exactly will I book these Aloha Strategy Sessions?

That subject is entire other article or even an entire programs called “Hustling with Aloha”and“Selling with Aloha”!

But basically, it would be a mixture of pillar content creation, connecting on social media, and staying top of mind with my ideal clients, my email list, and followers, collaborating with other online influencers, etc.

What my goal is to help clients position themselves as experts in their topic and/or personal brands so that they attract their ideal clients so their ideal clients and stand out from their competition.

If you would like some support with any of these pieces in your business like figuring out your sales goals, how to reach your ideal clients, how to book sales conversations, and actually close them, then request your FREE Aloha Strategy Session today.


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Erica Duran

Business Coach & Mentor | Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Designer | Digital Marketing Expert | Minimalist

If you would like some support with any of these pieces in your business like figuring out your sales goals, how to reach your ideal clients, how to book sales conversations, and actually close them, then request your FREE Aloha Strategy Session today.


Or, if you prefer the self-study route, check out my new programs called “Selling With Aloha” and “Hustling with Aloha”.