We like to keep ourselves busy and distracted.

💙I invite you to graduate from the Kindergarten way of doing business.💙

I invite you to stop spending DAYS stalking other entrepreneurs and trying to reverse engineer everything they are doing.

I invite you to stop reacting to emails and social media messages first thing in the morning.

I invite you to stop editing what you want to say.

I invite you to stop all the painful marketing.

I invite you to stop fighting with technology.

I invite you to stop constantly refreshing your email inbox.

I invite you to stop second-guessing yourself.

I invite you to stop letting other people tell you how to get your message out there.

I invite you to stop creating content, programs, products, etc. because it is what you “think will sell”.

I invite you to stop trying to put together the perfect elevator pitch, title, business card, logo, video background, etc.

I invite you to check in on your net worth daily no matter what your bank account balance says right now.

I invite you to stop being afraid to send emails to your list.

I invite you to stop apologizing for what you want.

I invite you to charge appropriately.

I invite you to stop being the martyr.

I invite you to stop staring at your blank page wondering what you should say and unleash what you REALLY want to say.

I invite you to stop thinking you don’t have an important message to share.

I invite you to create more content than you consume.

I invite you to stop thinking that success is for “someday” and start thinking “today”.

👑Name it and Claim it! 👑

Do your work with inspired action and not “have to” or looking at the clock.

Do the work that most excites you and not what you think you must to make a sale.

Share the message that is coming up for you and not a calculated marketing pitch.

To stop trying to do EVERYTHING RIGHT!

Get Ready…

✨For things to get a whole lot easier.

✨For you to be a whole lot healthier and happier.

✨For your bank account to reflect not the hours you work but the impact and change you’ve made for others.

✨For total freedom of all the mindset clutter that has been holding you back.

🌺You don’t get the money and impact you are craving when you accomplish the most on your to-do list.  You get it when you shed the fear, take off the mask, and stop editing your message. 🌺


Never Settle!

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