🌺💕I love receiving text messages from Googlebait.com clients like this…

“Erica!  I Just Ranked First Page Google with Googlebait!”

Of course, because it is something that I can use to shamelessly promote Googlebait – but that isn’t all of it.  😁

🎉But this is a sign for the client that all the REALLY hard days of hustle could be coming to an end soon. 🎉

🏔From this day forward they will start climbing Google’s organic search with their Googlebait SEO Perfect Pages.

🔎They will start becoming more and more visible to ideal clients ready to buy because of the in-depth keyword research that figures out EXACTLY what their ideal clients are typing into Google.

💵They will be able to soon stop paying for never-ending, expensive, non-converting Facebook Ads and Google Adwords🏝 campaigns.

💲They will attract clients and customers who are ready to BUY and not waste their time – when people are serious about investing and solving their problems they search on google, not social media.

✨They can now create content when they feel inspired and not because they have to “stay top of mind and visible on social media”.

🏝 They are outsourcing the hustle and letting Google do some of this work.


I hope to receive a text message like this from you someday.

Not because it proves our new way of doing SEO and the Googlebait concept.

But because it means more freedom, income, and impact for you in your business.


Never Settle!

Erica Duran Digital Signature


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