I was COMPLETELY wrong…

I thought SEO was dead. 💀

I thought that SEO was a complete WASTE of time. ⏳

I used to say things on my podcast like… “SEO is so dead and a waste of time. Humans hire me. I write web pages for humans not Google.” 💰

But I was wrong.

💡Fact is – when people have a Question they go STRAIGHT to Google. 💡

Not Facebook, Not Instagram, Not a Webinar, Not a Podcast, etc.

Now, I LOVE all these other methods of connecting with an audience and potential clients.

But why not cut out the “middleman ” and the “shoulds” of doing all that content week after week.

Create content when you really have something to say and/or you are inspired to say something – not because you think you “should” create content or are on some sort of strict editorial calendar schedule.

Now, I DO believe that some of the “Same Old, Same Old Way” of doing SEO is kinda dead – trying to get reputable sites to backlink to your website, guest blogging, filing out keyword tags, etc

But what if there was a new method?

A strategy that put a perfectly 100% Google Perfect SEO friendly page (Google does have a scoring system for pages) in front of your IDEAL clients and customers ready to BUY.

❓Why not make this easy?

Why not take all the “shoulds” of content creation off of your to-do list and focus on what you really want = IDEAL CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS READY TO BUY COMING TO YOU!

✨SEO is NOT Dead but this “Isn’t Your Mother’s SEO” – this is something totally new!✨

By the way, your Main website and landing pages still need to SPEAK to HUMANS. But if you don’t have a traffic generator like Googlebait there won’t be any HUMANS visiting your website, signing up for your funnels, or making purchases.

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Never Settle!

Mahalo, 🌺

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