Aloha everyone!

I’m doing a little experiment for the next 30 days or so.

I’m going to move all my social media traffic to Instagram!

I am always telling my clients and audience that they don’t have to be on several social media platforms – just do ONE (maybe two) really well.

Decide what platform you enjoy and/or where your target audience is hanging out and be there consistently.

But I never took my own advice!

I thought that because I was an online business coach that to stay current on all platforms so I could help my clients with whatever platform they may choose.

This is not true.

I don’t have to be participating on every platform to stay current.

This is a false belief.

Several years ago I read somewhere that each social media platform is developing its own culture.

I see this being totally true!

In my opinion…

Twitter has become more political – not my scene.

Pinterest has become a little too housewife-y/mom focused for me.

Google Plus is dead and should have never been created!

LinkedIn is stuck in early 2008.

And Facebook is a virtual sh*t show!  So many changes to their algorithm that killed all our work of building our pages/groups for years and pretty much a negative tone much of the time!

But Instagram is (from my experience) positive, inspiring, beautiful, responsive, etc..

I’m not saying that the other platforms won’t work.

I filled my business with clients from Facebook groups alone for about 2 years.

Be on the platform that makes the most sense for YOU!

But times are changing and I wanted to up-level my experience and how I was showing up on social media and also save a ton of time.

Even though I can use a social media scheduling tool like Buffer, the energy that goes into creating different sized graphics, and altering the text, and including hashtags vs. no hashtags, etc. is all energy going out.

So although it is just one click to add another platform to my post, it takes energy and focus.

Plus, my new way of working without a to-do list and from alignment means that I should be in alignment with my social media messaging.

I believe that you don’t need to spend a TON of time figuring out your perfect target market avatar.

I rather see you share a deeper, less “vanilla”, more interesting message that ATTRACTS YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS TO YOU!

I rather see you stop chasing clients all over social media platforms and choose the one that resonates with you to share your message.

They will come to you!

So I’m going to walk my talk and do this experiment focusing and moving traffic to my Instagram for 30 days.

Want to join me?  Follow

Or, if Instagram doesn’t make sense for you and your business, decide what works for you and be visible there!

Never Settle!


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