I am a guest on a lot of podcasts and one question I am asked over and over again is “What does freedom mean to you?”

I used to even ask this question on my old podcast.

Because freedom means something different to each person.

I would usually answer with something like, “Freedom to do what I want when I want, where I want.”

But this week something else kept coming up for me.

It was around freedom and fear.

Ironic this post around entrepreneurial fear is coming through me on Halloween. 🎃🎃

The ultimate freedom for me is the absence of fear and worry.

The absence of second-guessing, over-planning, perfectionism, overthinking, etc. is freedom.

Most people that deep down want to be a huge success are afraid of some or all of the following…

Fear of being visible.

Fear of self-doubt.

Fear of being on video or podcasting.

Fear of putting out a really honest social media post.

Fear of emailing their list too much and people unsubscribing.

Fear of selling – or looking like you are selling too much.

Fear of charging too much.

Fear of sharing your true message.

Fear of being homeless.

Fear of having to get a “real” job.

The real freedom is being free of all these fears.

The real freedom is the confidence and trust in yourself that if everything was taken away from you.

If all of it was taken away – you could rebuild it even better than before.

You are no longer afraid if Gmail put all your marketing emails into the promotions folder.

You are no longer if Facebook changes their algorithm and you lose all visibility on the platform unless you pay for ads.

You are no longer afraid to get “banned” from Facebook groups for being too outspoken or in competition with the group owner – there are thousands of Facebook groups after all.

You are no longer afraid if for whatever reason all your clients and prospects disappear.

Knowing EXACTLY how to rebuild and/or pivot into another direction is the ultimate freedom.

Don’t get me wrong –

The money piece is part of the freedom.

It buys you experiences, comfort, safety, options, etc.

Money helps you solve problems quickly and get on with more important things.

But the REAL freedom I’m realizing more and more is the lack of fear, lack of overthinking, lack of over-analyzing, lack of over-planning, lack of second-guessing, lack of worry.

So my belief is the FASTER you get through these levels of fears, the faster you can just stop the chaos and enjoy your life, slow down, lower your stress.

The faster you can push through these levels you can enjoy not only more money but the freedom of not having anything to fear left.

From my experience coaching and mentoring can really help support you in collapsing these time frames.

Their guidance to avoid pitfalls and get things up and running faster is priceless.

The accountability from a coach is needed because we are all human and most of the time perform better when someone outside of ourselves is “watching”.

Oftentimes you can’t depend on your colleagues or friends – there is no “skin” in the game there.

Money is only energy – and there needs to be an energy exchange to make the commitment happen.

We don’t value or use things that are free to us to their fullest.

This is why we all have a hard drive full of free PDFs and audios.

When you are ready to make the changes once and for all – find a coach or teacher that you resonate with and go “all in”.

Your freedom is at stake.

Never Settle!


Erica Duran

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