Every day I do several practices to stay in alignment.

Part of this practice is to manifest things on behalf of my clients in sort of a stream of consciousness fashion.

Sometimes their belief and faith in their gifts are a little shaky at first and I support them energetically in this practice to manifest their dream lifestyle and business.

This holiday season and moving into the new year I wanted to expand this practice to you.

Not everything may apply to your situation, but the energy is in it and that is all that really matters. 💫

Without further ado –

My Entrepreneur Holiday and New Year’s Wish For You…

I know you can create whatever lifestyle you desire now, without waiting for everything to be perfect.

Your ideal clients find you and reach out to you DAILY.

I know you can afford anything that is a true desire for YOU.  There is a way.  You turn “I can’t afford it” to “How CAN I afford it”.  If it is a true desire, there is a way.

Your business brings in money DAILY.

You don’t spend one minute on busy work.

You only work with ideal dream clients.

Your clients get amazing results.

Creating content is easy.

Money is easy.

Your clients love paying you.

Your ideal clients pay in full.

You have an amazing view.

You have complete freedom.

Your team supports you.

There are more than enough clients and money for you in this world.

You never have to hustle hard again – ideal clients/customers FIND YOU!

You spend every day doing work that you love.

Your work energizes you and doesn’t drain you.

Your clients value your work.

Your closet is filled with beautiful things that look great on you.

Major media reaches out to you.

You never have that ping of panic that your card won’t go through when you are checking out.

You don’t even look at the prices anymore – you purchase what you desire to eat, wear, drive, live in, etc.

How you spend your time is all up to you.

Your home and all your other environments are organized so life takes less effort and stress.

You don’t mess around – you get the support you need with housework, tech, personal trainer, virtual assistant, coaching.

You no longer have to commute to a j-o-b you hate.

Your online programs sell like hotcakes.

Your passive income stream brings in money every day.

Your family (including your pets 🐶🐶) are happy and healthy.

You can afford the best care for your family.

You can be there when people need you.

You don’t have to work every day – but sharing your message is what energizes you, so you do.

You are no longer afraid to open up your mail and see the bills and credit card notices – you know they are all taken care of.

You have vibrant health.

You no longer worry where the next client/customer is coming from – you know you always have a steady flow of leads.

You always have an overflow of money for all your true desires.

You always make the right decisions.

You know EXACTLY what to do.

You KNOW the next step to take.

You are in exactly the right place.

Everything is working out for you.

You are receiving now! 💫



Business Coach Erica Duran

Erica Duran

Business Coach & Mentor | Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Designer | Digital Marketing Expert | Minimalist





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