If your New Year’s Resolutions seem to unravel after a few weeks maybe looking at them through a different mindset or filter would help you stick to your goals.

What if Instead of looking at pounds on your scale or dollars in your bank account you instead STOPPED SETTLING and TOLERATING the mediocre version of you that lets yourself off the hook a little too easily each year.

You know deep down that you are destined for great things and to become an inspiration to millions.

Yet each day, each little insignificant decision you make to not complete what you said you were going to complete and each excuse that you make lets you just slide under the radar, keeps you from living the life you truly desire and the great big vision and lifestyle you see yourself living.

Then all of a sudden another year goes by and you are still in the same feast or famine cycle, still a few pounds heavier, still stuck in the same bad habits, etc.

Do not feel bad.

Do not feel defeated.

Do not feel like you’ve wasted all this precious time, energy. and resources.

You do not need to be fixed.

But this year – you are not going to create a bunch of empty promises to yourself, right?

This is the year you STOP SETTLING.

You are reading this because you know that you were meant for more.

You know you haven’t been playing at your highest level.

You know you are just doing the minimum to survive and play it safe.

And you know EXACTLY what to do.

There is no need to overthink, over-plan, second-guess, be overwhelmed, etc.

This is the year you STOP SETTLING!

Stop settling for wasting time in front of the TV.

Stop settling for fueling yourself with unhealthy food.

Stop settling for living in an overly cluttered environment or living in an uninspiring town.

Stop settling for those extra pounds on your body.

Stop settling for all self-medicating you do in the evening to “reward” yourself for a tough day.

Stop settling for not being the fullest expression of you online.

Stop settling for an unmade bed.

Stop settling for postponed trips.

Stop settling for a relationship that doesn’t excite you.

Stop settling for a j-o-b and commute you hate.

Stop settling for clothes that don’t make you feel amazing. Feel great every day – not just for special occasions.

Stop settling for a car that is unsafe or that you don’t enjoy.

Stop settling for saying “I can’t afford it”.

Stop settling for complaining (by you or those around you).

Stop settling for trying to fit in with family and friends that don’t understand your entrepreneurial journey.

Stop settling for working with crappy clients that don’t value your work.

Stop settling for being broke.

Stop settling for postponed salon or spa appointments.

Stop settling for your email list being small and stagnant.

Stop settling for working long hours and still not showing anything for it.

Stop settling for charging low rates.

Stop settling for being afraid to start your vlog, podcast, book, Facebook Lives, YouTube channel, blog, email list, etc.

Stop settling for not getting the support you need to reach your goals and actually change your lifestyle once and for all.

Instead of making empty promises to yourself and setting yourself up for failure – hold yourself to a higher standard and stop tolerating and settling for less.

You wouldn’t have received the desires and goals for yourself if they were not possible for you.

The fact that you have them, means that you can create them for yourself.

Envision the person you’d like to be this year in great detail and then simply be that person.

It isn’t any harder than that.

What would the ideal you do?

Just keep asking that same question over and over as each decision comes your way.

What would the ideal you do?

So instead of making resolutions this year, just stop settling and stop tolerating.

And as always…

Never Settle!


Business Coach Erica DuranBusiness Coach Erica Duran

Erica Duran

Business Coach & Mentor | Freedom Based Luxury Lifestyle Designer | Digital Marketing Expert | Minimalist

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