Now isn’t the time to wind things down for the holidays or the end of the year.

Please don’t use the holidays as an excuse to not go after your ideal lifestyle and income.

You are only hurting yourself and putting yourself further behind.

I’m seeing a lot of entrepreneurs sort of check out and take it easy for the rest of the year.

This isn’t a bah-humbug approach to the holidays but just a question to ask yourself to seek the truth.

Do you really want to take the excessive time off?

Do you really need a break from a business that you designed to excite and energize you?

If you need an escape from your own business you may have created yourself a j-o-b and not a true freedom business.

I’m not against taking time off or celebrating with your family, but is completely checking for the rest of the year the truth for you?

Don’t do it just because you see your 9-to-5 people in your life on autopilot in their jobs this time of year.

Remember you have the freedom (and privilege) to do what you want when you want all year!

There is time for everything.

Time to decorate.

Go to your kids’ school pageant.

Continue to workout and go to the salon.

And make more this month than all other months this year combined!

Do you really want to spend the last few weeks of the year…

Eating too much or too many unhealthy foods?

Overspending to impress others (people that you may not even really like?) 😉

Not sticking to the exercise plan that is actually fun for you?  (You are doing something you enjoy to move daily, right?)

Procrastinate on projects that will only have you feeling overwhelmed at the start of the new year?

Slacking on sharing your message and being visible?

Slacking on selling and building your pipeline up for things to close now or in the new year.

Last year was the first time in maybe 10 years I took the ENTIRE holiday season (and then some – about 6 months) off from my business.

It felt so freeing at the time and like I “deserved” it or I was entitled to it.

I had a few challenging clients last year so the escape was nice.

But come January it was so incredibly hard to get my momentum back.

It was like starting completely over from NOTHING again!

If you wait until January to start ramping up you most likely won’t be fully “back” until sometime in March!

What I realized is that my business isn’t draining anymore, it is ENERGIZING because I’ve set it up in a completely different way.

So if I take large chunks of time off doing nothing in my business I have a complete lack of energy and even borderline depression.

If there is something that you LOVE to do but then stop doing it for six months – does that make any sense at all?

For many of my clients their business is their art, and when you take that practice away you have an empty shell of a person.

With the exception of last year – I always feel a lot of momentum and excitement for the end of the year.

I guess I get the “New Year, New You” bug early.

Maybe because my birthday is in December (11th if you are keeping track) 😊

I want to go full speed wrapping up all the projects that I desire so that I can have a clean and open Bullet Journal in January with nothing lapping over from the last year.

And I still have plenty of time with family and friends to celebrate the season.

Just like I have plenty of time throughout the entire year.

There is a myth that sales in the service industry are low in December so many check out and take themselves out of the game.

That is total B.S. – maybe even a self-fulfilling prophecy.

December has been my biggest month for years!

People are in a positive abundant mood and tend to spend on themselves just as much as they do on gifts.

What if you started ramping up your sales now so in January you had a full book of business?

What if you threw out the pressure of your to-do list and aimed for a few alignment practices each day instead?

What if your SEO was set up so Google had enough time to index your pages when you fully return back from the holidays?

What if you started sharing your message daily now so that come January your audience would be bigger and they would have the chance to know-like-trust you?

What if your sales funnel was ready to go?

It doesn’t take much time at all to set these things up.

All it takes alignment, guidance, and focus.

Don’t let the holidays be another excuse to postpone living your dream lifestyle.

You can claim it now.

You can take the next little step right now.

Play the entire tape through.

You spend the holidays completely checked out.

You return in January and it takes a few weeks to “get organized” and figure out the game plan.

It feels like you’ve been out of the game for so long that you just need a little inspiration.

So you distract yourself with overlearning a new strategy and following way too many other people on Instagram that you compare yourself to for a couple of more weeks.

You start to believe that maybe this just won’t work for you and your mindset spins so much that you don’t put your message out there, so no sales come in, etc.

Sometime around late February, you start to feel like you just can’t tolerate your lifestyle as it is and you remember your bigger vision and think “Holy crap! It is almost March and I haven’t really done anything to get close to my vision!”

Then, you finally reach out for support (from a trainer, coach, mentor, virtual assistant, professional organizer, etc.) but you want to start in a “few weeks” because you have some “loose ends” you want to tie up first and be fully focused.

You get the support and the expert guidance but obviously, implementing will take another few weeks.

So now we are probably at the end of March or even spring break by the time all this is in place!

What if you could collapse those timelines and get started today?

You could arrive in January already in full swing and already crushing those goals.

You could bypass the mindset spins, avoid the comparison scrolling on Instagram, get the things you dislike doing or are not good at automated and outsourced, and be well on your way to your health goals instead of loathing the scale after the holidays.

Visualize that person you want to become.

Does she completely check out or quit for the holidays?

Does she have to scramble to get her momentum back in January?

Does she have to start completely over because too much time has passed?

Or, does she have everything humming along with her business and plenty of time to celebrate life and take care of herself… because that is what she does all year anyway as her new normal?

Never Settle!

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