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[Ep 17] It Isn’t Time to “Just Call It A Year” Yet

Going back to some business coaching and inspiration in this episode. I know we've been talking a lot about tech lately with the launch of https://LeadBait.co So here you go... Now isn’t the time to wind things down for the holidays or the end of the year. Please...

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[Ep 14] Your Mini Business Plan With Erica Duran

Aloha! I create a mini business plan for anyone that takes part in my Free Aloha Strategy Session.   If you would like to book your free session and receive a customized plan - book your free session here.   Coaching can be a little mysterious.   So I spell what we...

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[Ep 13] Launching With Aloha

https://ericaduran.co/launching-with-aloha/ Launching with Aloha A Simple Launch Formula For Getting Out Of Your Own Way and Creating Fast Cash! Your Ideas Have A Shelf Life! Create Cash On Demand By Going From Idea To Launch Quickly, Uncomplicating Your Launch...

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[Ep 12] First Baby Steps In Starting A Freedom Business

(Recorded Filmed October 5, 2018) #AlohaFriday! Just stopping in to give you some simple steps you can take to starting your online business - in my opinion. The biggest obstacle is usually getting started so I put together some very small steps you can do to create...

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[Ep 10] We’re Live and Aligned!

Testing out Facebook Live as a way to add in another layer of content, to repurpose/streamline the process of podcasting, and to connect with the audience more. Here are the automation and repurpose tools I mentioned in the show: Repurpose.io:...

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[Ep 9] Exactly How To Find Clients with Erica Duran

Business Coach and Digital Marketing Expert Erica Duran shares exactly how to find clients... well, not really... you'll never "find" one - you must attract them. 😉 :: This is the number ONE question I'm asked... "Erica, how do I find clients?" "How do I find...

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[Ep 8] Sales Funnel Basics with Erica Duran

Business Coach and Online Marketing Expert Erica Duran shares the basics of sales funnels so you can automate part of your sales process and have a consistent amount of leads coming in for years to come. Erica's new program "Funnels, Traffic, and Tripwires" will be...

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[Ep 4] Money Flow Masterclass with Erica Duran

Business Coach and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert Erica Duran was one of the experts interviewed on the Money Flow Masterclass Video Summit a few months ago and now we wanted to share it with you here. Enjoy! *** Evolve. Forget All The Complicated Internet...

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[Ep 3] Updates and Q and A with Erica Duran

Erica Duran shares updates and answers some frequently asked questions about starting an online business and working from anywhere. Mentioned in the episode:   Club Ali'i Re-Mastermind and Membership Site Now Open! Join Today! Anchor.fm - set up your podcast in...

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[Ep 2] Urban Escape Is Getting Published!

Erica Duran's book "Urban Escape" is getting traditionally published! Have you been craving getting your own book traditionally published? In this episode, Erica shares the process thus far and gives you a behind the scenes look. Take the mystery out of publishing and...

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