Like many coaches, I had my new clients write out their ideal day in great detail so that they could have a great vision to align to.

The ideal day exercise is on that I did myself a couple times per year for over 10 years as well as a reset on my mindset and refresher for my goals.

They would map out their ideal day hour by hour.

What did they think, feel, see, taste, wear, who were they with, etc. as their future selves?

I even took it a step further and had them also write out their ideal work day would look like, a vacation day, a work retreat day, etc. so they would have an even bigger picture of what they were building and what their future was.

Doing this practice right at the beginning of us working together was a great jump start to materializing their vision into their future reality.

It was exciting to watch them light up when the things on their ideal days started to become reality.

But this on time practice just wasn’t enough to make the momentum last. 😞

🌩The excitement wore off.

🌩The negative mind chatter and internet trolls’ comments crept in.

🌩The overwhelm and procrastination pushes money making tasks to “tomorrow” or “someday”.

🌩Confidence wains and sales suffer.


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