You might have a similar experience with your online business as I did in the past…

I left a high-level corporate job and had a successful in-person business.

I wanted to be location-free and work from anywhere.

I spent a lot of years blogging and broke.

Then, I spent a lot of years hustling 8-12 hours per day – made a TON of money but was always exhausted.

Then, I pulled back on the hustling and let the power of Google’s Organic Search work FOR me.

Now, I spend a little time here and there working on the Googlebait Perfect SEO Pages instead of traditional blog posts.

Now, I can podcast or blog when I want to for fun or when I have a message that I REALLY want to share, not because I have to. It totally took the pressure off and my content is so easy to create (and it is more popular with my audience too)!

If you would like more information on my new program Googlebait I created a “30 Point Game-Changing SEO Checklist” and just completed filming an informative webinar about this new way of doing SEO and leveraging Google.

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