This time of year most of my clients are on vacations or into “back to school” in full force.

I personally much rather travel when the massive crowds are back to school and work.

Therefore, I’ll be headed back over to the islands soon!

So this is the time of year I plan all those really big projects that are difficult to do is short chunks of time.

You know those projects that you know would be really helpful to your business and even fun to do… but just take a really long focused time?

This year it was separating our archive videos and podcasts onto a new channel and updating the call to action links.

I tried to load them a few each day… but I don’t like working in that way – I LOVE working in HUGE batches.

Remember to always stay in alignment and honor how you work best.

As of last night – it is complete with over 200 pieces of content!

So many people asked for me to re-publish the old episodes because even though some of them have outdated tech information – it was more about being in “my energy”.

So I hope you enjoy all of our Archive Content on this new website:

And all the new content from now on will be added to this other site:


I’d love to hear any questions you have that come from the old (or new content).

Never Settle!

Erica Duran

P.S.  My team and I are working in a new way this year and it is enabling us to produce so much more helpful resources at any price point.  We have a digital program scheduled to come out about every 2 weeks.  Everything from how to sell premium programs to how to monetize your podcast – so stay tuned!

And as always – if you’d like to chat – you can book your Aloha Strategy Session today