🌺 #AlohaFriday Friends! 🌺

I hope you have big plans for this weekend and have some screen-free time.

A week is the perfect span of time to design your lifestyle and reach your goals.

A week is short enough that you can make adjustments if needed before you get too far off track.

A week is long enough so that you can make a dent in your goals and see results.

Take some time on Friday before you shut it all down for the weekend, or on Sunday night when you are starting to get energized and wind back up for the week ahead to pause and reflect.

What could you do differently to get a better result next week?

What could you stop doing because it isn’t getting you the result you were hoping for and is now an energy leak?

How can achieving your goal be fun or easy?

Where have you been lying to yourself and saying that you are doing everything you can to move your business forward from inspired action but somehow the excuses keep flowing out?

Where in your business or life have you been hiding?

How could you put more “you” into your messaging?

This is a good start 🙂

Never Settle!

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