Today I received a text from a client that was music to my ears!

It said “Hey Erica!  I just received a client and they said that they found me through my Googlebait SEO Perfect Page!” 🎉

There are several game-changing things about this text…

  1.   This client’s Googlebait SEO Perfect Pages have only been live for a couple of days.
  2.   She had been podcasting, posting to social media, blogging several times per week, etc.  Doing TONS of free content each week.  Now, creating all this free content is no longer a “should’.  She can create content because she wants to not just in order to sell something.
  3.   No more cold calling, stalking people in Facebook Groups, speaking for free, going to boring networking lunches, pitching to be on other people’s podcasts, etc. etc.
  4.   She can stop paying thousands of dollars per month on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.
  5.  She can focus on creative projects knowing that a big chunk of her marketing is taken care of for her.
  6.  She can focus on only taking on IDEAL clients because there are “always more where that came from”.

The list goes on!

I remember last year when I published my first Googlebait page for my business.

Things weren’t as streamlined then so it took my page a little longer to start bringing in clients.

It took about 60-90 days for me.

✨But I remember the moment when everyone who “found me” stopped saying they “found me on Facebook” (and not by ads – this was pure hustle… with Aloha of course… but still hustle) and started saying they “found me on Google”. ✨

I remember thinking, ” Things are going to be so different each day now – all that hard hustle is over”.

That if I wanted to dominate a topic on Google I now had the secret weapon.

That all the pressure could be taken off my content!


Never Settle!

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