It is completely natural to consistently have goals and new desires.

Just like a
plant that keeps growing and stretching and reaching for the sun, it’s important
 for us to do the same.

It’s completely natural for us to keep stretching for the 
next level, continuing to strive and set even larger goals.

But we’re never truly 
satisfied unless we take the time to acknowledge how much we’ve already 

By consistently checking in, you’ll be able to see your progress and notice the 
areas that may need adjustment.

This is where you’ll be able to find a great
 sense of gratitude.

And so much of our ability to manifest and create what we 
desire in our life comes from the power of gratitude.

This is why it is so important 
to consistently have specific intentions and goals that are measurable.

So we
 can track and use awareness to determine when we’ve actually hit our goals or
where we need to adjust so we can be closer to those goals in the future.

This level of awareness is one of the most important pieces in business and in 

If you’re not tracking something – whether it is your finances, people on your email
 list, Facebook page likes, or other markers – then you have no idea if you’ve 
succeeded or not.

And typically, this just keeps us feeling bad like we’re not 
good enough like we’re never getting anywhere.

And sometimes, when you have specific intentions and practice the awareness
 of tracking, you’ll notice the big goals that were so important to you suddenly 

Maybe it was actually a blessing in disguise that you booked five clients 
this month instead of eight.

Because you would have ended up being so busy 
that you wouldn’t have even gotten to enjoy the work or the income that came 

Remember – we’re not interested in creating businesses that support you in 
having time OR money.

We’re interested in creating a business that provides you
 with time AND money.


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