Have you ever stopped to think how many potential customers and clients are actually looking for what you have to offer?

What about your competition?

How big of a dent are they making on your marketing efforts?

The truth is that a BIG 97% of your future clients and customers are not even looking for your product or service!

Here Is Another Truth…

1. Trusted advisors get to skip the sales process

2. Education-based marketing puts value before money or the cost of investment in the solution.

Here Is How The Numbers break Down Out Of 100% Of Your Perfect Ideal Clients…

3% are actively looking for your solution

7% are open but not shopping

30% are keeping their awareness open for the future

30% are unconscious

30% are a flat out “no!”

So why is every business owner and marketer fighting over the 3% that are actively looking?

Isn’t the 67% that can be swayed or educated into taking action a better bet for your business growth?

Here Is a Little More Detail On Each Level of Consumer Awareness and Effort:

The Active 3%

3% of your prospects are actively seeking out and looking for your type of help in either a product or service.

The Active 3% ask their friends for referrals, search Google for keywords, go to seminars, browse online and offline bookstores for the topic.

They also dig through business cards they’ve gathered at past networking events.

All in an effort to find help for their current problem.

Most businesses are totally focused on this little 3% of the market.

It is a big dogfight for this book of business through marketing efforts, advertising dollars, time on social media and keyword research for their SEO.

Here is where your branding and your unique selling proposition is key.

In this 3% arena, everyone starts looking generic and their marketing and websites look suspiciously similar.

It isn’t because they’ve plagiarized or deliberately copied or “borrowed” content.

It is simply because the business owners have done a great job on their market research and the result of this work is exactly what appeals to the highly fought-over 3% of customers.


The Flat Out “No” 30%

At the other end of the spectrum, 30% are a flat out “No!”

They are simply not interested due to geography, money, or they just want to continue suffering.

Your business may be a local business and you pop up on the search for someone in another area because of the great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work you are doing.

Years ago, I worked so hard on my SEO, that I would show up in searches for “Professional Organizer” in cities all over the US, even though I only worked in-person in Orange County, California.

Or these customers simply can’t afford it.

Sure, they would like to have your product or service, but they are struggling to buy food or pay rent and your offering seems like a faraway luxury to them at this point.

Or they simply want to continue suffering.

Yes, there are these types of people out there.

They know there is a solution, but they need therapy or a divine intervention before they move forward.

Don’t waste your time struggling to change the minds of these people.

There are plenty of other people out there that need you and are willing to pay to solve their problems.

Plus, there is less of a fight outside of this 33% for attention in the marketplace.

Ruling out the “Active 3%” and the “Flat Out No 30%” – that leaves 67%.

Why not go after them?

Who are these people?

No one is really directly marketing to them, yet they make up the majority.


The “Open” 7%

Seven percent (7%) are open but are not actively shopping for your solution to their problem.

They know they actually have a problem and are willing to pay for a solution to their pain but they haven’t even begun the search or don’t even realize that there is a solution out there.

These are the easiest sales to close.

Once they see the solution to their current problem that they know exists, they are very motivated to invest in solving their problem.

The key here is matching up the needs they have formulated in their heads and your marketing message.

Surveying your potential target market is important here to see the exact words they are using to describe and search for a solution to their problem.

A great question I use for this research (and you will need to modify it for your business) is “If you lost all my contact information, what words or phrases would you type into Google to find me?”


The “Maybe/Someday” 30%

Thirty percent (30%) are aware for the future.

They are very interested but “it isn’t a good time right now” or “I’m waiting for ‘X’ to happen before I move forward.”

This is where building urgency in your offer matters.

You know the sooner you help them, the sooner their life will be better.

Some people just need a little push.

The default method of operation for most humans is procrastination.

It is your job to save them from themselves and get your future clients and customers to take the first step into action towards their solution.

In my experience, these types of clients are the most grateful later on because, deep down, they really wanted the experience, help, or solution to their pain or problem.

These will probably be your biggest raving super fans and referral sources in the future.

They will attribute their eventual bravery to moving forward to your little push in the right direction.

You can’t take credit for this, though.

It is all about them making the change and decision to get the results they desire.


The “Oblivious” 30%

Thirty percent (30%) are oblivious or unconscious to what they need and want.

They don’t even know they have the problem that your product or service solves.

Infomercials are great to watch to study these sales technique and testimonials are extremely powerful to this target market.

Getting in front of massive audiences is the key here.

Guest blogging, public speaking, mainstream media (TV, radio, print ads) and social media marketing come to mind to get the message out to this 30%.

To steer clear of your competition and the fight for the “Active 3%” and the “Flat Out No 30%,” using effective education-based marketing covers the rest of the 67% that you should be going after.

Here’s How to Use Effective Education-Based Marketing

Give Value -
Giving value means solving real problems for real people.

Give valuable, helpful information for free.

Build trust.

Have a personality.

Have an opinion.

Share the truth.

Be a genuinely helpful human in your topic on and offline.

Become the go-to person in your industry selflessly and watch the exact right clients for you stream into work with you.


Position the Purchase

Set buying criteria for your client/customer.

What should they be looking for in a solution to their problem?

What should they definitely look out for?

Help them navigate through the vast confusing marketplace out there.

What criteria should they judge all other future sales pitches against?

Have you been fighting it out for only 3% of the market?

Have you had success with education-based marketing?

Will you change your marketing efforts and tactics after reading this article?

I’d love to hear from you.

Would you like to get personalized help in determining your target market and setting up the marketing systems to work in your favor along with all the other pieces you need to have a thriving freedom based business and lifestyle?

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(statistics derived from a seminar given by Ms.Rush in 2013)