In almost every “How To Be A Success” book the author mentions the technique of visualization.

You typically close your eyes and use your imagination to see in your mind’s eye the outcome you would like to create in your life.

“Begin with the end in mind” as Stephen Covey would say.

You can also visualize the future you desire with traditional cut-up-magazines-paper vision boards or digital vision boards on Pinterest.

Visualizing the outcome you want is effective, but sometimes I think this technique can backfire on you.

You can actually trick your brain into thinking the outcome has already happened so you tend to lose the drive that it will take to create the outcome in the first place.

The reason why we don’t create the lifestyle, business, and income we desire is that we fail to take the ACTIONS necessary on a daily basis towards the goal.

We procrastinate.

We have limiting beliefs that the lifestyle just isn’t for us – only for other people.

We scroll around the internet looking for inspiration wasting precious hours.

We experience writer’s block.

We say “I’ll get focused for the day and sit down and work as soon as I ____.”

We don’t take the necessary actions out of fear, overwhelm, or confusion.

Or, we simply just don’t know the next steps to take.

Traditional visualization works.

It can motivate you through this stalling to do something… anything.

But what if there was a better technique that could keep you consistently taking the right actions and stop you from having dips in productivity and setbacks in your success?

✨What if we visualized the ACTIONS that we need to take to create the desired outcome?✨

What if we visualized our sales call going well in action?

What if we visualized ourselves creating the webinar slides?

What if we visualized ourselves writing our email newsletters or social posts to our followers with passion and without starring at the blank page?

What if we visualized ourselves getting into our gym clothes and driving to the gym?

What if we visualized ourselves waking up early naturally and enjoying the quiet hours?

What if we visualized ourselves prospecting – getting a few “no’s” but ultimately getting some BIG sales!

Try this today!

Take a moment and visualize your end goal in the traditional way, of course.

The exact income, wardrobe, travel, house, the car, the family, the relationship, the body, etc. that you desire.

But then visualize the scary and uncomfortable steps that will get you there but see yourself doing them with complete confidence.

Visualize yourself taking action in a very focused yet calm effortless mode.

Visualize yourself doing all the scary things you’ve been avoiding.

Visualize yourself doing the meaningful work and shutting out distractions and busy work.

Let me know how this little shift in your visualization practice goes for you – I’d love to hear. 💙


Never Settle!



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