I remember in the beginning when a potential client would tell me they’d “love to sign up but it just isn’t in my budget.”

Have you heard this before?

I’d usually go on to say something like “I totally understand, why don’t we stay in touch?”

And that was it.

And we all know how that ends…weeks, months go by and you never really keep in touch at all, right?

This isn’t about being pushy with a potential client at all (Selling with Aloha, right? 🌺😊).

It’s about having a sales conversation where you’re in your power rather than feeling totally deflated at the end.

I receive this question all the time…

“I’d love to know what you say to someone who says they just don’t have the money.”

My Answer…

There’s not one specific response for this one, it really depends on the discussion you’re having with the potential client because the best way to support the client depends on:

1. If the program/product/service is genuinely a good fit and they’re ready to take action.

2. Is the money actually not available or are there any limiting beliefs coming up that say you’re not allowed to use the finances you do have access to like using a credit card, borrowing from someone, selling something, etc.?

For instance, when I signed up with my first mentor it was almost $5,000 and I had -$0 dollars in the bank due to medical bills and other expenses.

The numbers didn’t look like they made sense.

But I had a $10,000 empty credit card that I wouldn’t allow myself to use because I was brought up to believe that credit card debt was bad.

I’m so grateful I took the chance and used the credit card as I went on to have my first $10K month!

This is by no means saying that you need to ‘just go use a credit card’, or tell your potential clients that.

Someone’s relationship with money is a really personal topic and it’s important to know how to navigate this discussion.

In my Selling With Aloha program, we’ll be diving into specifically what to say to move forward in this situation and the EXACT wording you can use to overcome the most common objections like “I don’t have the time/it isn’t the right time”, “I don’t have the money”, and “I need to speak with my spouse”.

Through audios, guidebooks, and personalized coaching you’ll receive so you’ll know exactly how to respond to these different scenarios.  Join Selling With Aloha Today!


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