Several times during the week I get basically “cold called” on LinkedIn.

Meaning that there is no rapport or connection really at all and someone pitches me right off the bat.

Sorry guys… but factually it is usually middle-aged men who think they know a lot more about business than me. 😉

There is usually a mixture of cockiness and intimidation in their first message to me.

Something along the lines of “I saw your profile, and I think I can help you ____ better and make more money.”

I get it – I have 🏝 palm trees and dachshunds 🐶on my website and social media headers – I can’t possibly be taken seriously as a business mentor, right?

I am usually disappointed if this new connection ever ends up in a phone chat because it is all aggressive pitching and “peacocking” (display oneself ostentatiously; strut like a peacock.) and so I don’t usually take the bait and schedule them.

If I do get on the phone with them I usually can quickly gather that I make way more revenue than they do and I am having a lot more fun doing it!✨✨

But today I started handling these uninvited pitches differently.

Here is what I wrote back…

“Aloha (First Name)!

Thank you for reaching out.

You might want to check out  so you don’t have to message people individually on LinkedIn. 

Messaging and cold pitching people one by one must take a lot of time out of your day!

Instead, you could leverage Google’s free organic search with LeadBait and get qualified leads reaching out to you!

LeadBait is a new proprietary way of doing SEO with 100% perfectly coded landing/feeder pages on Google’s free organic search.

We based each page on a keyword we know that your ideal client is searching for on Google.

You won’t have to cold call anymore or endlessly pay for Facebook or Google ads.”

I’m still waiting for a response.  I’ll let you know what happens.  Will he become another happy LeadBait client??? 😉