Saying “I can’t afford it” when it comes to your true desires is the fastest way to block your abundance and money coming to you.

“I can’t afford it” keeps you stuck.

It keeps you in a low frequency.

When you are in a low frequency and lacking confidence you will attract the wrong types of clients to you… if any.

Then this cycle continues – no clients = no money = “I can’t afford _____”

Instead, make this simple shift in the language you use.

Switch your knee-jerk “I can’t afford it” to “How can I afford it?”.

This little shift in my wording and attitude has opened up so many opportunities, I was able to invest in support and coaching,  and this shift caused hundreds of income-generating ideas.

My coach at the time had me do the typical ideal day exercise where you write in great detail what a day in your ideal life would look like.

I didn’t want a dream house like a lot of the other people in the program – too much maintenance for me and the thought of having a home made me feel trapped.

I’d much rather stay at different resorts.

A few years ago, I couldn’t afford to live at $700 per night resorts.

At least it didn’t look like that when I logged into my bank account.

But instead of giving up and defaulting to “I can’t afford it”, I switched up the energy and asked, “How can I afford it?”.

This lead to reaching out to resorts to sponsor my podcast.

I was able to stay at the resorts for free as long as I mentioned them in the show and on social media.

Not only did I get to experience the lifestyle I wanted before I could afford it, but the connections I made with the resort teams are still valuable to this day years later.

Because I was so happy to be in the beautiful surroundings of these incredible resorts, that energy was pouring out and attracting even more clients and money to me.

Years before that, when I hit rock bottom and desired to receive high-level coaching to get my life and business in order my bank account disagreed with the $10,000 price tag my desired mentor charged.

Instead of wallowing in my current sad situation, I asked myself “How can I afford this?”.

Just by switching up the languaging a flood of ideas came to me.

I could sell some things that were no longer serving me like old jewelry, electronics, household items, collectibles, etc.

I could put some of the deposit on my credit card that had some open space.

I could ask to get my credit card limit increased.

I could cash in on some treasury bonds my family gifted me a long time ago.

I could take out a loan – coaching was a lot less than college after all and way more useful.

I could borrow from family.

I could cash in an old 401K.

I could check the California unclaimed asset website to see if there was anything in my name (this alone brought in $5,000!).

I knew how to build basic websites so I could help some of my contacts update and improve their sites for a small fee.

I could host an online workshop and charge $50-$97 for it.

I could host an in-person workshop and charge for it.

The ideas just kept coming because I changed up the language I was using.

So what big core desire do you have?

How can you afford it? 😊

Don’t wait for everything to look perfect.

How can you live your desired lifestyle NOW?

How can you get into the energy of that lifestyle NOW?

How can you get the support you need NOW?

What do you need support with NOW?

How are things going to get better NOW?

Never Settle!


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